The launch of BiPed Design Ltd. is the accumulation of my creative adventure so far. 

The journey started back in 1992 when I graduated in Furniture Design, a course focussed functional design with the emphasis on large scale production. It was here that I started to understand the depth and complexity of furniture design. Most of all, the challenge of developin original functional solutions that can be manufactured in volume whilst remaining visually engaging.
My creative quest and inspirations have taken me from selling high end furniture in central London to following my other passion, travel photography (  

I'm also indebted to one of the The Guild of Master Craftsman’s cabinet makers with whom I work alongside for over 3 years in the depths of Hampshire's New Forest.

By exploiting the best qualities of  traditional craftsmanship and current volume production techniques, BiPed is delighted to offer fresh and original solutions that possess a high level of functionality and innovation. 

It's my hope that each piece will provide you, your family and your colleagues with much pleasure for many generations to come. Who knows, they may even inspire you to question how we engage with our surroundings, leading you to play your part in our environment evolution as well.  

Director/ Designer