The functionality, innovation and flexibility of 'myth' is the result of the complete rethink of the side table for those that love to read.


The frame’s chamfered edge provides an intuitive and effective means of storing literature whist marking the desired page. A unique feature is also created as the inner beauty of the material is exposed. Combined with the component glass surfaces, a highly engaging and original product has been developed. 


Specific interior requirements can be easily met simply adding or subtracting components and choosing a desired finish.


'myth' challenges mainstream preconceptions of flatpack and modular furniture. The outcome of a design process where the manufacturing, storage & distribution process are just as important as the final product.


Domestic - bedside, sofa side, reading chair, in front of sofa.

Offices, hotels, medical receptions.



  • Prototype manufactured from plywood. 

  • Most sheet wood/ particleboard could be used.

  • Alternatively components could be manufactured cast alloy or plastic injection moulding.


Customer can choose: 

  • The number of components required to create the desired length.

  • From a range of colour spray finishes or match any RAL colour for volume orders. 

  • Customer can choose to incorporate wireless charging into the glass surface component.  


Prototype Featured DIM: W455 x H500 x D-variable (353mm).


Design Registered 2017


Ultimate Flexibility

The modular concept enables components to be added, resulting in piece that matches the customers exact requirements whether that is a side table or sofa length table.  




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